Energy Savings Calculator

Want to know how much you can save annually on home heating oil in Pennsylvania? Look no further! Use our handy calculator to determine how much you can save on your home heating bills each year with various home comfort upgrades, preventative maintenance, and helpful home heating tips.

Once you’re decided which upgrades to make, contact your local oil dealer and request the service.

Your estimated annual fuel costs:
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Scheduling a heating system efficiency tune-up 10%
Installing a programmable thermostat
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Installing an aquastat boiler control (boiler systems only)
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Sealing your heating ducts (furnace systems only)
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Upgrading your old boiler or furnace to a new high-efficiency heating system (such as an ENERGY STAR® system)* 50%

Please note that each of these scenarios is subject to multiple variables.
*Considering the efficiency of the new system and the system that is being replaced, actual savings may vary.
For more information about upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system, contact your local professional.