Resources for COVID-19 Labor & Employment Questions

March 23, 2020

Information to Assist PPA Employers

The PPA has received numerous inquiries on how COVID-19 will impact their employment policies. They have partnered with three organizations who are hosting upcoming webinars focused on small business employers. Information on how to register for these webinars can be found below.

Earlier this week they created a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page on their website to provide important association, state, and federal resources for our membership to reference.

The PPA will be collaborating with McNees Law moving forward to help provide clarity to their membership on the various changes that will be taking place with labor & employment law. They have invited PPA members to sign up for their complimentary labor & employment newsletter which will feature valuable information regarding COVID-19 impacts to the workplace. Please continue to contact the PPA with labor & employment related questions.


March 23 McNees Law Webinar: The Workplace Impact of Families First Coronavirus Response Act

President Trump signed into law historic legislation that will have a significant impact on a many employers nation-wide. The legislation, called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, has many provisions. This McNees Webinar will focus on the workplace issues that most employers, those with less than 500 employees, can expect to face.


March 24 Small Business Legislative Council Webinar: Small Businesses and COVID-19

This Webinar will address the difficult issues that small businesses are facing in light of the COVID-19 threat, particularly when it comes to managing employees and business closures. This will include providing an overview of the new and existing laws that businesses will need to navigate during this unprecedented time. They will also leave ample time for Q&A. The Webinar will be presented by the SBLC’s Strategic Policy Director, Jessica Summers, Esq., who is also a Principal in the Employment Law Group at the Law Firm of Paley Rothman in Bethesda, MD.


March 27 PA Chamber Webinar: Coronavirus – Small Business Next Step and Best Practices

Top business attorneys Andrew Levy and Ursula Siverling of McNees Wallace & Nurick will discuss the legal ramifications facing small business with suggestions on best practices to help them stay viable. Then they have invited a top official from the U.S. Small Business Administration to discuss the resources available to help small businesses from suffering undue hardship. They will discuss:

  • How the coronavirus has impacted smaller businesses
  • What employers should be doing now to continue to protect their employees and customers – how do you protect your customers when the “doors” open again, what should you do if a noticeably ill customer shows up, how long do you limit your hours, and more
  • Best practices small business should continue to follow even when the pandemic finally levels off
  • Legal ramification businesses must consider as they begin to get back up to speed
  • How long some of the modified laws will stay in place that you must comply with – FLMA, ADA, Wage & Hour, more
  • Business losses covered under insurance
  • Resources and financial options out there to help small businesses