March 25, 2020

The American Energy Coalition now has the recorded webinar aired a couple of months ago on the AEC website. The webinar as you will recall, was an encore performance first presented by Rich Sweetser and Ray Albrecht at the NEFI Heat Show in Providence back in September. Rich and Ray agreed to a do-over using the webinar format, and we appreciate their indulgence in helping us to get out this very timely and very important subject matter out to you.

The webinar is entitled “The Economics & Environmental Performance Of Biodiesel vs. Electric Heat Pumps”. You can access the recording in a number of ways, but the easiest is to go to: We welcome you to copy this recording to your own websites and encourage your membership to view the presentation and share it with their staff. It is a very good overview of Heat Pumps and some of the problems associated with their use. It is also a good view of the electric grid and the challenges posed by the additional load that would accrue from conversions from hydrocarbon fuels to electric heat pumps, or electric vehicles for that matter.